If you plan to clean your carpet, there are always few myths that linger about its cleaning. Your carpet faces footprints, dust, bread crumbs and grit on a daily basis.

Applying solutions over space may create a benefit of doubt in your mind about the damage that can take place on the surface. However, you can not ignore the most important element of your house. Because, dirty carpets often ruin your reputation.

Initially carpets were not durable as they are now. No homeowner wants to take a risk with their pristine carpets. Here, we are going to discuss carpet cleaning myths that you all have heard off.

Top Three Carpet Cleaning Myths


→ Often Vacuuming The Carpet Can Worn Out The Carpet Faster

Caring about your carpets is always an excellent choice. Earlier, the carpets were not strong if you compare with the current fibers used for manufacturing of carpets.

Vacuuming the surface more frequently can damage the fiber easily. But, now the carpet fibers are more well built, it can stand out with frequent cleaning steps. Nowadays, homeowners prefer to vacuum the carpet daily.

→ Steam Cleaning Lead To The Growth Of Mold And Mildew

Steam cleaning always requires acute attention and proper technique to run over the surface. Steam cleaning includes the hot water that helps to remove the dirt and bacteria hidden beneath the carpet.

If you hire a machine, then most probably it is not maintained properly. It is always advisable to take professional help for steam cleaning the spot.

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→ Baking Soda And Vinegar Is Effective

Many homeowners apply baking soda or vinegar solution to get rid out of foul odors or to extract dirt. Sprinkling baking soda can only mask the unpleasant smell for some time, the surface stinks once the source is removed.

Temporary solutions can not be proven efficient as steam cleaning. Moreover, vinegar and baking soda can cause discoloration on carpet if you apply the solution more frequently.

Searching For The Top-Rated Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

As you saw in the above three carpet cleaning myths, they are keeping your carpets clean regularly. If you leave the surface dirty for a long time, then growth of debris or mold can take place. While professional carpet cleaning services can eliminate all such problems.

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