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An ideal place for pet stain and odor removal in Lincoln NE

Other than the primary cleaning, pet stain, and odor removal is not a DIY task. We all went to the house of a friend or family member who looked clean but smelled of animals. In fact, some DIY methods can make the problem worse.

What doing DIY can leave:

  • Using cleaning solutions and over water is often used to weaken the urine. While cleaning, it can go deeper into the fiber of the carpet and the padding.
  • In these cases, bacteria grow rapidly. The rest of the urine crystallizes and smells too much.
  • Some owners test super chemicals to eliminate pet stains. But it can make your pet sick.

Across Time Carpet Cleaning and More is an expert in pet stain and odor removal.

  • Thanks to our advanced knowledge of carpet cleaning, we can get rid of all these foul odors coming from dirty carpets.
  • We have years of stain removal experience and can define and customize our cleaning methods to suit your specific scenario.
  • One of the most attractive reasons to hire a professional pet urine odor removal is the health benefits that result from professionally cleaned carpets.

How To Contact The Best Professionals In Lincoln?

Across Time Carpet Cleaning and More provide tile, & wood floor cleaning, pet stain removal, water damage restoration, construction cleanup, carpet spot treatment & color restoration, apartment, & upholstery cleaning services that are effective, safe, and use less water than other methods. This means faster drying times and a quick return to your busy schedule. Register an Across Time Carpet Cleaning and More treatment calling 402-203-0713  for a clean, happy home today!

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