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Opt for Professional Color Restoration and Spot Dyeing in Lincoln NE

Bleach, pet urine, medications, DIY treatments, and some cleaning products can alter the chemical composition of the fiber by permanently removing the color from the mattress. This leaves a light, unpleasant, light, white, or yellow stains that cannot be removed by DIY carpet cleaning. It has lost color and is not a “stain” that can be “removed”. Now it needs professional carpet color restoration service.

Carpet Color Restoration and Spot Dyeing Lincoln

Carpets are subjected to different kinds of damages

  • Statics are created by friction, and as a result, carpet laces crackle and pop when walking.
  • Pilling occurs when moving furniture and different types of agitation or is pulled by a vacuum cleaner during the cleaning process.
  • Light-colored carpets fade faster due to the lower amount of dye used in the carpet.

Professional Carpet Spot Dyeing Services Are Very Beneficial In Restoring Carpets


  • Our carpet color repair experts begin by thoroughly analyzing the sites and areas that need to be repaired. After fixing the bleach spots, a custom blend of high-quality permanent colors is created.
  • Our Carpet Dye Specialist adds color to the carpet to remove the stain look.
  • They will restore up your carpet in its original color or paint it in the color of your choice.

Across Time Carpet Cleaning and More provides the best color restoration and spot dyeing services, carpet, tile, & wood floor cleaning, pet stain removal, water damage restoration, construction cleanup, carpet spot treatment, duct, apartment, & upholstery cleaning services in Lincoln and the surrounding area. To know more details about our services, contact us at 402-203-0713.

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