What to do if your favorite carpet is stained? Add to that, it being very expensive. Well, you can either replace it or get it dyed. However, why invest in a new one when you can perfectly use the old stained one. Want to know how? Here’s the answer to all your woes: carpet spot dyeing services.

Professionals restore the former glory of your carpets, give it a shiny look and give them a fresh start. However, this task should be left to the expert spot dyeing specialist. They have expertise and knowledge to deliver your old carpet in brand new form.

Get to know a few pros and cons of carpet spot dyeing services before you jump into hiring them.

Know Pros And Cons Of Carpet Spot Dyeing Services

Carpets add color, shine and elegance to any room it’s part of. But as time passes by, the carpets show signs of wear and tear. Soon its color fades, leaving behind discolored spots on it. However, you can restore the original look of the carpet with a color spot dyeing process.

Pros of Carpet Spot Dyeing Services

Restores its original beauty: Carpets get dirty stained easily. Unfortunately, homeowners often damage the carpet while trying to remove stains from it. The more effective option is to hire professionals to restore its original beauty.

  • Removes any discoloration: When carpets are placed in sun rooms and are exposed to sun, they slowly start fading away. Professional spot dyeing process can remove all the discoloration from the carpet.
  • New lease on life: Carpet spot dyeing can also provide carpet color restoration and change the complete look of your old carpet. Expert spot dyeing technicians will give your carpet a new color and new life.
  • Cost-effective: Average cost of spot dyeing the carpet costs around 20-30% of the cost of carpet replacement. Moreover, a good carpet increases the valuation of your home, if you plan to sell it.

Cons of Carpet Spot Dyeing Services

  • Long process: If time is an essence for you, then spot dyeing is not the one for you. This is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process which needs complete focus and attention to deliver good results.
  • May stain other items: In some cases, you might notice that the dye has transferred onto different objects and items. Let the carpet air dry for a few weeks before you use it again.

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Want To Give Your Carpet A Fresh Look?

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